ESR 3+1 Pack for iPhone 15 Pro Screen Protector, 3 Tempered-Glass Screen Protector and 1 Set Camera Lens Protector, 2.5D Curved Edges, Full-Coverage Military-Grade Protection, Scratch Resistant Review

If you are looking for a reliable and durable screen protector for your iPhone 15 Pro, you might want to check out the ESR 3+1 Pack. This pack includes three tempered-glass screen protectors and one set of camera lens protectors, designed to offer full-coverage and military-grade protection for your device. In this blog post, we will review the features and benefits of the ESR 3+1 Pack and why it is a great choice for your iPhone 15 Pro.

What is the ESR 3+1 Pack?

The ESR 3+1 Pack is a bundle of four products that are specially made for the iPhone 15 Pro. They are:

  • Three tempered glass screen protectors: These are ultra-thin (0.33 mm) and high-transparency glass films that cover the entire screen of your iPhone 15 Pro, including the notch and the edges. They are easy to install with the included alignment frame and cleaning kit, and they have an oleophobic coating that prevents fingerprints and smudges.
  • One set of camera lens protectors: These are also tempered-glass films that cover the four rear cameras of your iPhone 15 Pro, as well as the flash. They have precise cutouts that do not interfere with the camera performance or quality, and they have a black border that blends in with the phone design.

Why do you need the ESR 3+1 Pack?

The ESR 3+1 Pack is designed to provide maximum protection for your iPhone 15 Pro screen and lenses, which are the most vulnerable parts of your phone. Here are some of the reasons why you need the ESR 3+1 Pack:

  • Military-grade defense: The tempered glass screen and lens protectors can resist up to 33 lb of force, which means they can withstand drops, bumps, and scratches without breaking or cracking. They are also shatter-proof, so they will not splinter into sharp pieces if they do break.
  • Full-coverage protection: The screen and lens protectors have 2.5D micro-curved edges that follow the exact contours of your iPhone 15 Pro, ensuring a seamless fit and preventing dust buildup. They also leave enough space around the sides for you to use a case with your phone, for extra protection.
  • HD clarity: The screen and lens protectors have a high transparency level of 99%, which means they do not affect the display or photo quality of your iPhone 15 Pro. You can enjoy your phone’s stunning OLED screen and advanced camera system without any distortion or glare.
  • Compatibility: The ESR 3+1 Pack is only compatible with the iPhone 15 Pro, which has a screen size of 6.7 inches and a camera layout of four lenses in a square shape. It will not fit any other iPhone models or devices.

How to get the ESR 3+1 Pack?

If you want to protect your iPhone 15 Pro screen and lenses from scratches, cracks, and other damages, you should definitely get the ESR 3+1 Pack today. It is easy to use, effective, and affordable, and it will make your phone look as good as new for a long time.

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