TORRAS Magnetic Stand for iPhone 15 Case Review

If you are looking for a phone case that combines the convenience of MagSafe accessories, the versatility of a foldable kickstand, and the protection of a shockproof design, you might want to check out the TORRAS Magnetic Stand for iPhone 15 Case. This case is one of the latest products from TORRAS, a brand that specializes in high-quality phone accessories. In this review, we will take a closer look at the features, benefits, and drawbacks of this case, and help you decide if it is worth buying.

🥇Super Strong Magnetic Lock

One of the main selling points of this case is that it has a built-in MagSafe-compatible magnet that allows you to attach your iPhone 15 to any MagSafe accessory with ease. The magnet is made of N52SH neodymium supermagnets, which are 200% stronger than ordinary magnets. This means that your phone will stay securely attached to your MagSafe charger, wallet, car mount, or any other accessory you have. You can also use the magnet to snap your phone to any metal surface, such as a fridge or a locker, for hands-free viewing.
The magnet is also embedded in a Halbach Array, which is a special arrangement of magnets that creates a strong magnetic field on one side and a weak one on the other. This ensures that the magnet does not interfere with your phone’s wireless charging, signal, or NFC functions. You can still use your phone normally without any issues.

MagSafe Built-in Foldable Kickstand

Another feature that sets this case apart from others is that it has a foldable kickstand that is made of aerospace-grade aluminum. The kickstand can be folded up flush with the back of the case when not in use, so it does not add any bulk or weight to your phone. When you need it, you can simply flip it out and adjust it to three different angles: 30°, 60°, or 90°. This allows you to prop up your phone horizontally or vertically for watching videos, reading, video calling, or browsing the web. The kickstand is also very sturdy and durable and can withstand up to 30,000 times of folding and unfolding without getting loose.

Shockproof Phone Case

Of course, a phone case is not only about convenience and functionality but also about protection. The TORRAS Magnetic Stand for iPhone 15 Case does not disappoint in this aspect either. The case has passed the SGS military-grade shockproof certification, which means that it can survive drops from up to 10 feet without any damage to your phone. The case has a hardback and impact-absorbing bumper that can effectively disperse severe shocks and prevent cracks and scratches. The case also has raised bezels on the screen and camera, as well as a patented camera airbag design, that can protect your phone from daily friction and bumps.

iPhone Green Color

The TORRAS Magnetic Stand for iPhone 15 Case comes in four different colors: black, blue, green, and red. The green color is especially eye-catching and stylish, as it matches perfectly with the iPhone 15 green color option. The green color also gives your phone a fresh and natural look that stands out from the crowd. The case has a matte finish that feels smooth and comfortable in your hand and also prevents fingerprints and smudges.


The TORRAS Magnetic Stand for iPhone 15 Case is a great option for anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of MagSafe accessories, a foldable kickstand, and a shockproof design in one case. The case is well-made, durable, convenient, and stylish. It is compatible with all MagSafe accessories and does not affect your phone’s performance. It also protects your phone from drops, scratches, and bumps. The green color is especially attractive and matches well with the iPhone 15 green color option. The case is reasonably priced and comes with a lifetime warranty and friendly customer service from TORRAS. If you are looking for a new case for your iPhone 15, you should definitely consider the TORRAS Magnetic Stand for iPhone 15 Case.

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